Ultimate Guide to Printing Custom Flex Pouches

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By Brad Holmes|June 03, 2024|8 mins read

Packaging plays a pivotal role in captivating consumers and differentiating products from competitors. Custom flex pouches emerge as a versatile and innovative packaging solution, offering a myriad of benefits across various industries. Whether you’re packaging food, cosmetics, or any other product, a well-designed flex pouch can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to mastering the art of custom flex pouch printing. From understanding the fundamentals of flex pouches to navigating the intricacies of design and printing, we’ll walk you through each step of the process. By following our precise instructions, you’ll be equipped to create professional and high-quality flex pouch print files ready for uploading to Packstudio.

Join us as we explore the world of custom flex pouches and discover how they can elevate your brand, enhance product presentation, and delight your customers. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of custom flex pouch packaging.

Flex Pouches

Understanding Flex Pouches

Printing custom flexible packaging is a unique branding opportunity: customers will often leave your product in the bag and reseal it for later if they can, meaning it will stay in their line of sight for much longer than traditional packaging. So make sure you provide something they are happy to see — or even reuse! 

What are Flex Pouches?

Flex pouches, also known as flexible pouches, are a type of packaging made from flexible materials that can be easily molded to various shapes and sizes. These pouches are designed to protect and preserve the contents while providing a lightweight and versatile packaging solution. They are commonly used across various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household products.

Definition and Structure

Flex pouches are typically constructed from layers of plastic films, foil, and sometimes paper, which are laminated together to create a durable and protective barrier. The multi-layer construction offers excellent resistance to moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring the product’s freshness and shelf life.

Benefits of Flex Pouches

Your packaging plays a crucial role in captivating consumers and differentiating products from competitors. Flex pouches emerge as a versatile and innovative packaging solution, offering a myriad of benefits across various industries. From food to cosmetics, flex pouches provide unmatched versatility, enhanced product protection, and numerous other advantages that can elevate your brand and delight your customers.

Various Shapes and Sizes – Flex pouches can be customized to fit a wide range of products, from small single-serving snacks to large bulk items.

Different Closure Options – Available with zippers, spouts, or tear notches, providing convenient access and reusability.

Enhanced Product Protection:
Barrier Properties: Multi-layer construction offers superior protection against moisture, oxygen, and UV light, keeping products fresh for longer.

Durability: Resistant to punctures and tears, ensuring the product remains intact during shipping and handling.

Reduced Material Costs: Flex pouches use less material compared to rigid packaging, leading to lower production costs.

Efficient Storage and Transportation: Lightweight and space-saving, reducing shipping and storage expenses.

Eco-Friendly Options: Available in recyclable and biodegradable materials, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

Less Waste: Lightweight design results in less packaging waste compared to traditional rigid containers.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities:
High-Quality Printing: Flex pouches offer a large surface area for vibrant, high-resolution graphics and branding.

Shelf Appeal: Attractive designs and customizable shapes enhance the visual appeal, helping products stand out on the shelf.

Convenience for Consumers:
Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for on-the-go consumption.

Resealability: Many flex pouches come with resealable closures, allowing consumers to keep products fresh after opening.

By understanding what flex pouches are and their numerous benefits, brands can make informed decisions about their packaging strategies, ultimately enhancing product appeal and customer satisfaction.

Custom Flexible Packaging Shapes

Consider how your product is first seen. Is it on the shelf? Sent directly to your customer? Hanging on a rack? This will help inform what shape you should go with for your custom flexible packaging. Then consider the most common options:

pillow flex pouch

Pillow Pouches

They look just like their name and often are inflated for items like chips or crackers. They can be used for a wide variety of products that don’t need to be resealed and are often the cheapest form of flexible packaging.

layflat flex pouch

Lay Flat

Lay flat pouches have a hole at the top for hanging your product on a rack and offer a flatter surface to print on. They are resealable as well for when your customer’s want to save a pinch for later. They are a basic, budget-friendly option that gets the job done. 

Stand up flex pouches

Stand Up

Stand up pouches have a gusset at the bottom so your logo’s always standing tall. Perfect for consumables that might spill out if turned over, or when your customer will be reaching in to grab your product.

Flat bottom flex pouches

Flat Bottom

Flat bottom pouches you’re probably most familiar with as coffee bags. They are typically larger, with gussets along the sides so you can fit more of your product, and fold over the top. 

Custom Flexible Packaging Materials

Custom flexible packaging encompasses a wide range of materials designed to provide flexibility and durability. From stand-up pouches to sachets and wraps, these materials offer versatility in design and functionality, making them ideal for a diverse range of products. Consider product compatibility, barrier properties, and aesthetics when selecting some of the most common options:

Mylar flex pouch

Plastic films or “Mylar”

Great for almost anything and cheap. Plastic is the go-to for stand up or lay flat pouches. 

Paper flex pouch


A sustainable option that’s perfect for printing on. When you want to convey authenticity, paper is the way to go.

foil flex pouches


Aluminum foil is ideal for consumables your customer will warm up, like ready made meals or baked goods. Just apply heat and they’re good to go!

Personalization Options for Custom Flexible Packaging

Custom flexible packaging offers endless opportunities for branding and personalization. To make the most of these options, consider the following strategies:

Graphic Design: Collaborate with your design team or agency to create visually striking graphics and artwork that align with your brand identity and messaging. Differentiate your packaging and get noticed. Explore more insights into packaging design trends by checking out our post on the top trends in packaging design.

QR Codes: The easiest way to link to your site, related products, or encourage a review. Customers can use their camera app to quickly scan and get them where you want them to go. 

Special Finishes: When you need to make a good impression, add a matte, glossy coating, metallic ink, or embossing. These provide a tactile experience that can elevate the perceived value of your product.

Steps to Set Up Your Custom Flex Pouch Print Files

1. Obtain the Dieline Template

  • Request or Download Template: Contact Packstudio or visit the website to obtain the dieline template specific to the flex pouch size and type you are designing for. This template outlines the dimensions, cut lines, and fold lines for your pouch.

2. Design Your Artwork

  • Software: Use a professional graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (Free) to create your artwork. These programs support vector graphics, which are essential for maintaining high resolution.
  • Place Template in Layer: Open the dieline template in your design software. Place the template on a separate layer and lock it to prevent accidental modifications.

3. Create Your Design

  • Artwork Layer: Create a new layer for your design elements. Ensure all design components (logos, text, images) fit within the designated areas on the dieline template. Keep critical design elements away from fold lines and seams.
  • Bleed Area: Extend your design beyond the dieline by at least 0.125 inches (3mm) to account for bleed. This prevents any unwanted white borders after the pouch is cut.

4. Prepare Print-Ready File

  • Convert Text to Outlines: Convert all text to outlines to prevent font issues during printing. In Adobe Illustrator, select the text and go to Type > Create Outlines.
  • Embed Images: Ensure all images are embedded within the file. This avoids any missing links when the file is opened on another system.
  • Color Mode: Set your document to CMYK color mode, the standard for print production.

5. Review and Proof Your Design

  • Check Alignment: Verify that all design elements are correctly aligned with the dieline template.
  • Proofread: Carefully check all text for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Preflight Check: Use your design software’s preflight tools to identify any potential issues, such as low-resolution images or missing fonts.

6. Save and Export Your File

  • Save in Native Format: Save your work in the software’s native format (e.g., .ai for Adobe Illustrator) for future editing.
  • Export as PDF: Export the file as a high-quality PDF. In Adobe Illustrator, go to File > Save As, choose PDF, and select the “High Quality Print” preset.
  • Bleed and Crop Marks: Include bleed and crop marks in your export settings to guide the printer on where to cut.

7. Upload to Packstudio

  • Log In: Access your Packstudio account.
  • Upload Files: Go to the file upload section and submit your PDF file. Follow any additional instructions provided by Packstudio for file submission.

8. Review and Confirm

  • Digital Proof: Packstudio may provide a digital proof after file submission.
  • Review this proof carefully to ensure everything is correct. Approval: Approve the proof if everything is in order, or request changes if needed.

Final Thoughts on Custom Flex Pouches

Enhancing Product Presentation and Protection: Custom flex pouches serve as a dynamic and visually appealing packaging solution, capable of elevating the presentation of diverse products, including food, cosmetics, and more. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your items, but they also provide robust protection, preserving freshness and quality.

Tailored Design and Branding: The versatility of custom flex pouches allows for tailored design and branding opportunities, enabling businesses to create packaging that reflects their unique identity and message. From vibrant graphics to personalized touches, these pouches serve as a canvas for creative expression and brand recognition.

Practicality and Convenience: In addition to their visual appeal, custom flex pouches offer practical benefits for both businesses and consumers. Their flexible nature accommodates various shapes and sizes of products, while features like resealable closures enhance convenience and usability for end-users.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: With an increasing focus on sustainability, custom flex pouches provide eco-friendly options, including recyclable and biodegradable materials. By opting for environmentally responsible packaging solutions, businesses can minimize their ecological footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Streamlined Production and Cost-Efficiency: The streamlined production process of custom flex pouches, coupled with their lightweight design, contributes to cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness for businesses. Reduced material usage and efficient storage and transportation further enhance their economic benefits.

Building Brand Loyalty and Consumer Engagement: Ultimately, custom flex pouches play a pivotal role in building brand loyalty and fostering consumer engagement. By delivering visually striking and functional packaging solutions, businesses can leave a lasting impression on customers, cultivating trust and loyalty over time.

In conclusion, custom flex pouches offer a multifaceted approach to packaging, combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses and consumers. By leveraging the potential of these versatile pouches, businesses can enhance their product presentation, strengthen their brand identity, and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

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